a wonderful fence

a wonderful fence
A simple fence, behind which lays Hamburg Hafen, you just can’t see it because of the bushes.

Hamburg, August 2006


For your protection, litter bins have been removed.
– Clapham Junction Station

Lyric of the week

I wonder if her eyes will water,
when she cuts the onion that I brought her.

Corriander eyes – Ed’s Redeeming Qualities

Doll’s Crack House

Doll's Crack House
You don’t see many of these, 1980’s Doll’s Crack House. For when Barbie goes off the tracks and leaves Ken for a smack head. I found this in a Flea Market in Hamburg, my she’s gone down hill.

Hamburg, July 2006

Swimming lessons

Swimming lessons
A rare sighting of a duck learning to swim. I was under the impression they just knew how to.

Hammersmith, July 2006

Dahi puri

Dahi puri
The greatest Dahi Puri I have ever eaten, actually I may be the only one I have eaten. Still you have to start somewhere. What a great dish, puts a smile on your tastebuds and can be found in ‘Kastoori’ in tootin’. yum, yum.

Tooting, July 2006


Of course what I really like about my ‘Wisemans’ Star shapped Non-Stick frying pan is that egg really sticks to it.

Home, July 2006