Run away, run away

It’s like some terrible nightmare. Don’t turn your back on the water, or else.
This is a sign they have on the beach in Hamburg. Most warning signs use just 2 colours and use a symbol language that can be understood in a instant. I feel that they really struggled with this one. How to describe that big waves may be caused by the passing boats and therefore a danger to beach users in a simple and clear manner.
It kept me amused for seconds.

Hamburg, April 2007

a wonderful fence

a wonderful fence
A simple fence, behind which lays Hamburg Hafen, you just can’t see it because of the bushes.

Hamburg, August 2006

Doll’s Crack House

Doll's Crack House
You don’t see many of these, 1980’s Doll’s Crack House. For when Barbie goes off the tracks and leaves Ken for a smack head. I found this in a Flea Market in Hamburg, my she’s gone down hill.

Hamburg, July 2006