view from my window

Having spent almost a week on the sofa with the flu I started to see faces and shapes in the branches of the Alpine Cypress outside my window. Still it beats Christmas telly.
(apologies for the quality, I really need to get a decent camera).

Happy New Year to you all.

colour co-ordination

colour co-ordination
It’s my birthday and like all years I decide not to work, you need one day a year where you insist not to work for others, well anyway I do. So it’s a beautiful autumn day, no rain yet, just sunshine and colour everywhere, so a walk in the park is in order. Now Crystal Palace park isn’t the most beautiful park in the world, but it tries. In the past it’s had too much interference from the local council and various sports facilities. It has got better in years and should get better since it’s handed over to the London Authority. One of my favourite buidings in London is in the Park. The concert bowl (shame they never use it). It’s a great red rust metal structure and it glows when the sun hits it. One of the neighbouring trees was blending in well with it. great colours.

Crystal Palace, October 2006