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economy custard is a collection of sightings by Simon Sharville.

I’m a freelance Graphic Designer. I was born in South London and now live in South London and sometimes feel I haven’t gone very far. Along the way I travelled all over Europe, have lived many years in Hamburg, many months in Corfu and somehow got on the wrong bus and ended up back here. But it’s nice here at the moment, well the weather’s not very good but what can you do.

Here’s a little Marketing description about my age group that I found somewhere. Don’t you just love Marketing people. The way they put everyone in a box.

“The target will be children of the 60s, ideologically committed but materialistic too, wealthy but pining for idealistic pasts. The ’emotional offering’ they’re looking for is reparation. The feeling that in buying this product they’re are putting something back into the world, and into their lives.”

So true, so true.

economy custard started as an idea for an ever expanding scrapbook. I’ve always kept scrapbooks and I’ve even a few by other people I found, which are great. It is meant to be a collection of all sorts of things but has ended up as mainly photo’s taken on my wanderings. Which is fine. You see many things out of the corner of your eye that you just let go and I try to capture them and show people what they are missing because they are looking the wrong way, or going too fast, or whatever. oh, I don’t know. The ordinary can be really interesting if you just look at it long enough.

All the content of this blog is copyright, but you can use these images if you are a friend, and I don’t really mind nice friendly types of people using them as long as they are not using them for any commercial gain. I would however expect a credit and a copyright symbol to go along with them. Like this. © simon sharville or © economy custard. If I find them being used anywhere without one of these or being use to make money I will have to come around and either poke you in the eye or stamp on your foot, or something.

Oh and you can leave comments, I like comments, they make me feel wanted.

16 Replies to “read and forget”

  1. simon, love it, managed not to fall asleep and looked through food, hamburg, packaging and funghi – my main interest anyway… found a great book about danish packaging design from the 60 -70s, the aera of the spunk design – will send some pics soon,

    l a x

  2. i’ve had to pace myself so as to not go through all of your photos at once. so far have gotten to “found” and have still not fallen asleep, nor even nodded off briefly. these are such great little glimpses of what you can see around you when you actually LOOK. i have a folder on my computer titled “par hazard” where all my unclassifiable photos go and it makes me happy to know that i’m not the only one out there collecting seemingly useless images. keep doing what you’re doing!

  3. sounds fancy having a .com (well I think so) cant wait to get my hands on the new camera which will travel with me always. Next time we meet I will learn how you have constructed your web site. And may bribe you with a bottle of red coloured liquid.
    Back to Economycustard – its brilliant and if you don’t mind I will link it on my site, keep it going Simon most of the daft ones have been caught good to see your still free and able to see things differently.

  4. well, I have stuff that is equally banal, but I’m too lazy to start my own blog. Can I take advantage of yours to acquire some sort of audience? Actually it’s not laziness, it’s drink. There you have it. But I have some nice pictures of my recent drive across Saskatchewan, which was largely done while sober. And that’s a feat in more ways than one.

  5. Your hilarious! I have also always liked scrap books. I came across your site in a random search for images of the contents of your fridge. thanks for the laugh. Ive subscribed so I keep updated on what your up to and slowing going through all your photos!

    1. Thanks Taryn. Your comments are much appreciated. Knowing that people really like it keeps me putting new things up.
      All the best.

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