My sofa beckons

Like a lot of freelancers, I spend most of my day at the screen either at home or in other peoples studios working on their equipment. Sometimes it just gets too much though and I have to lay down. Yesterday was one such day. I tried, I have my website to update. Some illustrations that I want to do. even finally add the bloody postcards to this blog that somehow disappeared when I hit the wrong button the other week. But no. I couldn’t do it. I’d been out the night before (see below) and I’ve had loads of work in the last months. So when it came to doing my own stuff. nope wouldn’t happen. fingers seize up. Can’t look at another bit of design or illustration. Kerning has lost all it’s appeal and there is only one thing to do. Spend the afternoon laying on the Sofa, reading comics and listening to Danny Baker. Come the end of the day I do have the feeling I should have been working and that somehow the wheels of industry have slowed for a while, but that is just the work ethic that was beaten into me at school kicking in. Who cares about the wheels of industry, I’m a designer and they are rusty anyway. Being a Designer means you can spend the day laying on the sofa and calling it work. Why I come up with my best designs either on the sofa or on the bus. Needless to say I have loads of energy today even if it is unfocused.
So it goes.

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  1. Ah booooo, I want to lay on the sofa. Actually, I want to lie on the sofa. To lay is to have eggs. I have discussed this in the past somewhere, but not on bluesoup, I don’t think. I can’t remember.


    “Kerning has lost all its appeal” – does it really EVER appeal??

  2. Lay, Lie. I’m rubbish at English even though it’s my native tongue. I put it down to a rubbish education and my own inability to remember things. I just had eggs but they were fried and on toast and I eat them at the table.

    Kerning only has an appeal to people like me who are into negative space and need to get out more often. Talking about it can really confuse those that think they can design with Microsoft Word, and I have met a few in my time.


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