Beautiful Noise

Two days ago, (this being a day late because yesterday I couldn’t be bothered to get off the sofa) we saw Electralane at the Scala. WOW! My friend in Hamburg, Lauschi, had told me they were good live, but not how good. It’s been a while since I went to a gig. When you get over 40 all your friends seem to have other things to do, like staying in and looking after the kids and to be honest you get the feeling most gigs are hard work, not having the energy you used to have when 20.
They were great. 4 women on stage playing beautiful, loud noise. The support were also loud noise but somehow nowhere near as clever. I gotta say the best gig I’ve been to in 10 years or so.
In the words of my 1 year old niece, Fandabbidozzy, it is the only word she can say and she’s far to young to go to gigs, but that’s what she would have said had she been there. I still have the hissing in my ears 2 days later. What fun.

Scala, May 2007

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  1. Hi

    I live in Bali, Indonesia and am new to blogging.

    My English is still not very good, but I keep trying to make it better. I am very interested in poetry and write some myself, (mainly in my own language – sometimes in English, but that’s still hard for me).

    I like your writing very much and would love to stay in touch with you, both to share my writings and improve my own skills. I hope you don’t mind, or think me rude.

    Best wishes…

  2. Hi Surfer Girl, Thanks for your comment. I actually think my writing is one of my weaker points. but hey, there you go. Write anytime, although I can’t promise I will always get back to you. Like most people who spend most of their day on the computer, sometimes it’s gets too much and I get lazy and spend the day laying on the sofa and not going anywhere near the keyboard. I had one of these days yesterday and it was great.

    all the best


  3. I think Surfer Girl got it right! I can see the same kind of poetry and humor in your writing like it is in your pictures. (give your mother an extra kiss for that gift). A perfect example for that is the way you split the bloglinkheadlines. Great! I love that.

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