Urban Tracking

Urban Tracking
It is relatively easy to track the urban postman by the red elastic bands they leave behind on their morning journeys. This one was spotted near the Crystal Palace triangle but there was no trace of the postman, he had probably retreated to his lair at the local sorting office or a nearby cafe or pub.

Crystal Palace, February 2007

2 Replies to “Urban Tracking”

  1. There seems to be a plague of these rubber bands. What I want to know is whether the postmen are being encouraged to pick them up at all, as I have heard rumours that they’re being told they are ‘biodegradable’ and not to bother about picking them up. Or maybe the posties need them to find their way home? (or, indeed, a local cafe or pub!)

  2. Yep, in every corner of the country I’ve been in i’ve picked up these red rubber bands. They are not bio-degradable though! They are only degradable which means they break down into lots of chemicals…great eh?

    In fact, there are 6 such elastics next to my keyboard as I type this! They are really useful for all kinds of things (until they do that breaking-down thing), so do pick ’em up and reuse them…maybe the postmen will get the hint, do likewise and not drop them in the first place. Then the Post Office won’t have to buy 5 millions new ones every year.

    Love – Peace x

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