Pre-historic council drawing 01

Pre-historic council drawing 01
In recent months there has been a resurgence of interest in the early pre-historic council drawings. Books have been written, TV documentaries have gone over the subject time and time again. This is where it all started. The first recorded spotting of and early council drawing, probably 45,000 BC. Found in a lonely high street in Dunton, Exmoor. Scientist believe that due to the position of the hand in the pocket and the shape of the head, it is probably a drawing of a Hoody, a kind of early disaffected teenager, but it’s hard to tell, the lack of a knife in the other hand disproves this theory and the debate continues.

Exmoor, November 2006

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  1. As knives had not yet been invented, the lack of a knife doesn’t necessarily disprove the theory. There were pointed sticks, of course, and clubs, so the lack of either of those suggests the hand’s position has another function. My educated guess is it’s an early panhandler: Homo Sparechangicus.

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