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  1. Frauke says that my mother would rather jump of a bridge (with a string around her neck) than call this shelf tidy. We think your kitchen isn`t untidy at all. By the way – how is the redecoration of your bathroom going on?

  2. To be clear: I don`t mean that this shelf is a mess. I also think that our house isn`t untidy at all. But my mother prefers not to come anymore in our house. I think she wants to hide herself from seeing the ugly state of living in whitch her grandchildren must grow up. Love to Netti.

  3. Hi,
    Nice shelves! I know this isn’t a DIY blog, but I’m doing up my kitchen at the mo and want some shelves like this. I don’t suppose you know how they’re held up? I don’t want ugly brackets, but obviously need them to be able to hold plenty of kitchen stuff.
    Any ideas, or thoughts would be hugely appraciated

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